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possible spoilers. 

When i heard Tom was in this film I confess he was the ONLY reason i wanted to see this. I rented the film last night, was up till 1Am watching it hating the fact i had to give it back to the video store today. to make a long story short I BOUGHT the film today. this is Tom's most powerful and incredible performance to date. this film makes Rocky and the Fight look horrible.  next to Anonymous it is the best film i have seen in 2011. 

Tom's character was my favorite right off the bat. i always saw Tom as i guy who could pull off the character of the rugged thus with ease and he shows that right here. not gonna lie i missed his lovely accent but his american one is very believable so no worries their. you first see his character in the shadow of the night sitting on his fathers porch drinking beer out of a bottle in a papper bag. The tension between his father and him in that moment locks you into the rest of the film and never lets you go. 

I was torn as to weather i was cheering for Tom or Brendan, but in the end it\s Tom you feel for. His character becomes more understandable as the film goes on. the more you learn about him, the more you will cheer him on. in the fight scenes Tom shows his incredibility to fit any role. he appears to knock guys out with one hit and its pretty thrilling to watch!!! - plus his abs and tattoo's are super SEXY!!!

the final battle...well theirs not enough words to describe how i felt in that screen. i went through phases of crying, screaming and the TV and cheering, but in the end as the director says Tom has to lose to win. 

overall if you are a Tom Hardy fan, you NEED to see this.  their are not enough words to describe the incredibility of this film in this simple post, but from one Tom Hardy fan to another  i hope i peeked your interest.  i saw this film last night, and i cannot get it out of my head. 



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